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Episode 8

Protest, Process, and Pensions – An episode discussing education bills and their consequences in Kentucky. We also discuss the challenges facing quasi-government agencies, tax reform, and contested election legislation. Plus the debut of our new segment “A world gone mad.”

Episode 7

Join us for an exclusive interview with Lt. Governor Candidate/Senator/Doctor Ralph Alvarado!

Episode 6

Analyzing calls for a positive democratic primary for governor and the path forward for Rocky Adkins. Is there a revenue problem or a spending problem with Kentucky’s Transportation Cabinet? Kentuckian Kelly Craft is nominated for Ambassador to the UN. Should John Wayne airport re-named? Warren Buffet’s warnings about doing business in States with pension problems. Politicians who are Pro-Life until they have to vote to prove it. Are workforce training and welfare changes coming in Kentucky? Tune in for our analysis on these and more.

Episode 5

In this rapid-fire episode we discuss the sad trend of putting politics before policy, the concealed carry bill and second amendment rights restoration of felony voting rights, tip our glasses to out of state wine shipments, the Pandoras Box of opening up the budget in a short session, the Democratic Party’s embrace of socialism, and some interesting position discrepancies between some gubernatorial candidates and their running mates.

Episode 4

On Episode 4 we discuss Kentucky’s infrastructure report, the implications from the House District 13 committee election and the results from that, bills that we think are really important that have been introduced, and how Kentucky cities are upside down due to the current pension crisis.

Episode 3

On this episode of Inside The Circus we discuss the State of the Union speech, socialism in America, the Johnson Glenn recount update, growing scandals at the Secretary of States office, Andy Beshears obstructionist ways, Kentucky’s unbridled debt problem, and some bills currently in the house that will either make you laugh or cry.

Episode 2

On this week’s episode, we take a look at the following:

Candidate filings, the Secretary Of State’s abuse of office, RINOs within the Republican Party, Comer’s statement about the Governor, and our response to Matt Bevin’s comments about society becoming “soft.”

Episode 1

In the first episode of Inside The Circus, we dive into pensions, knee-jerk reactions to Covington Catholic’s story, the tax code, and many more hot topics!