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Episode 33

Welcome back circus fans! This week is Episode 33 of Inside The Circus and we are joined by a very recognizable guest in the state of Kentucky! Dave Adkisson is the former CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, as well as the former Mayor of the city of Owensboro! Join us as we dive into the functions of our state’s Chamber of Commerce as well as the things Dave has learned along the path of his extensive and distinguished career.

Episode 32

Episode 32 is out now featuring Steve Sheldon from the Kentucky House of Representatives District 17! 

Episode 31

Inside The Circus is back with Jerry T. Miller from the Kentucky House of Representatives District 36!

Episode 30

Inside The Circus is back! On this week’s podcast we dive into the election results with Bob Babbage, former Kentucky Secretary of State and Leading Lobbyist at Babbage Cofounder! 

Episode 29

Joining us on our latest episode is James Tipton from the Kentucky House of Representatives District 53! Follow us on twitter @ITCRingmasters

Episode 28

Inside the circus is back with our 28th episode! Tune in for this installment featuring Senator Mike Wilson as we foreshadow what’s to come in in the state senate, and discuss a new “meatier” pension bill that is on the horizon!

Episode 27

Welcome back circus fans! This week we are joined by J.D. Chaney, the Deputy Executive Director at Kentucky League of Cities! 

Episode 26

This week’s episode features the U.S. Representative for Kentucky’s 2nd congressional district, Brett Guthrie! Join us as we discuss how taking on national issues in D.C can translate to big changes in the Commonwealth!

Episode 25

Welcome back to Inside The Circus! This week we are joined by Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles who is currently running for re-election. We learned a great deal about JUST how much that office is responsible for from rollercoasters, chicken farming, hemp, and fighting credit card fraud they stay busy serving our state! 

Episode 24

Welcome back to the center ring of Kentucky politics! On this week’s episode, Joe and Jessica hit the road to go to Fancy Farm and deliver their opinions and insight based on an insider’s perspective! From winners and losers, to behind the scenes intel, Inside The Circus has you covered!