Join us for an exclusive interview with Lt. Governor Candidate/Senator/Doctor Ralph Alvarado!

Joe Bowen & Ralph Alvarado

2 comments on Episode 7

  1. Gregory colvin says:

    Ralph Alvarado is a money hungry , greedy lawmaker who cares NOTHING about kentuckians if he did medical marijuana would be heard and passed ! What a big ass joke our lawmakers are as kentuckians we should be able to vote ourselves what we want not beg and beg and beg for these crooks to do something only to be pushed aside or ignored !

  2. Shanna says:

    I am a constituent of yours and I can’t believe you’re even ALLOWED to decide ANYTHING about a MEDICAL cannabis bill, as you are a Doctor. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Why do dying & sick Kentuckians have to suffer any longer? Why is Kentucky, a COMMONWEALTH state, where the MAJORITY is IN FAVOR OF Medical Cannabis, the LAST to even think about legalization? Big bourbon & big pharma have played a HUGE part in this continued prohibition and we are all aware of what’s going on in Frankfort. It is unjust that the people are not heard. It is unjust that Doctors, Hemp Owners and Bourbon Investors are allowed to be involved with ANYTHING to do with Cannabis, at all! Please remove yourself from the situation and either let the House vote, or let We the People vote!

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