Episode 19

On this episode, we venture into unknown territory! We were joined by Democratic Candidate for Secretary of State, Heather French Henry! Oh yeah, and she was also Miss America as well as Miss Kentucky! Listen now to hear our take on issues associated with the office such as Mandatory Voter I.D. and getting younger generations interested in voting!

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Episode 18

Tres Watson, the founder of Capitol Reins PR, joins us on this episode of Inside The Circus to discuss the Bevin vs Beshear gubernatorial race!

Episode 17

On this episode of Inside the Circus, we give our opinions on the Kentucky primary results with insightful commentary from our special guest Bob Babbage from Babbage Cofounder!

Episode 16

On this week’s episode of Inside The Circus we were joined by Senator Wil Schroder to discuss some good and bad policies that arose out of the 2019 legislative session! 

Episode 15

Thanks to this week’s sponsor, Top Shelf Lobby, for supporting our latest episode! Join us on this episode of Inside The Circus as we take a journey into the personal life of Governor Matt Bevin! We discuss everything from music, family, inspiration, and much more!

Episode 14

On this episode of Inside the Circus, we welcome Jessica Casebolt to the ITC team. We give our analysis of the Democratic Governors Candidates Debate and explore the differences, or lack thereof, in their positions.

Episode 13

ITC discusses with Speaker Osborne the challenges of managing the Kentucky House. Will the Republican majority in Kentucky become a more effective majority? Does the speaker agree with the governor’s veto of quasi relief? Will there be structural changes to Kentucky’s pensions? All of this and more on episode 13.

Episode 12

Thanks to @jessicacasebolt for joining this week on Inside the Circus. Great show coming tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your insight on the @barrforcongress campaign and KY politics.

Episode 11

This week we were joined by Amy Wickliffe from McCarthy Strategic Solutions to discuss the legislative process from the perspective of a lobbyist.

Episode 10

Representative Jason Nemes tells us how he became the advocate for medical marijuana in Kentucky, and details of his bill. Does medical marijuana legalization lead to recreational? What are the Tax consequences? What does law enforcement say? Why didn’t his bill get a vote? Also, Governor Bevin’s huge economic development announcement. All of this and more this episode of Inside the Circus.