Episode 36

Inside the Circus Ep. 36 features Attorney General Daniel Cameron! Topics for discussion were: The pressure of being the first Republican AG in over 70 years, Gov. Besher not supporting Pro-Life legislation promulgated by the Bevin administration, updates on the Purdue Pharma settlement, challenges facing the Commonwealth, and more!

Episode 35

Join us as we speak to John McCarthy of McCarthy Strategic Solutions about a variety of current hot topics in Kentucky. Topics Include the University of Louisville’s purchase of Jewish Hospital, Andy Beshear’s moves on Medicaid Contracts, Gambling in Kentucky, and JCTA’s efforts to allow personal days for protests in Frankfort. All of this and much more on episode 35 of Inside the Circus.

Episode 34

Welcome back to Inside The Circus! We are joined by Senator Steve Meredith as we take on some hot ticket items such as Former Governor Bevin’s exit from office, sports gambling, medicinal marijuana, and more!

Episode 32

Episode 32 is out now featuring Steve Sheldon from the Kentucky House of Representatives District 17! 

Episode 31

Inside The Circus is back with Jerry T. Miller from the Kentucky House of Representatives District 36!

Episode 30

Inside The Circus is back! On this week’s podcast we dive into the election results with Bob Babbage, former Kentucky Secretary of State and Leading Lobbyist at Babbage Cofounder! 

Episode 29

Joining us on our latest episode is James Tipton from the Kentucky House of Representatives District 53! Follow us on twitter @ITCRingmasters

Episode 28

Inside the circus is back with our 28th episode! Tune in for this installment featuring Senator Mike Wilson as we foreshadow what’s to come in in the state senate, and discuss a new “meatier” pension bill that is on the horizon!

Episode 27

Welcome back circus fans! This week we are joined by J.D. Chaney, the Deputy Executive Director at Kentucky League of Cities! 

Episode 26

This week’s episode features the U.S. Representative for Kentucky’s 2nd congressional district, Brett Guthrie! Join us as we discuss how taking on national issues in D.C can translate to big changes in the Commonwealth!