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About Our Podcast

“Inside the Circus” is designed to give you a front row seat for the center ring of Kentucky Politics. Each week, Joe Bowen will pull back the curtain on the issues, personalities, and the motivations behind what’s happening in Frankfort. Just like the real circus you can be sure there will be strongmen, dog and pony shows, jugglers, tight rope walks, and a cavalcade of clowns. Stay tuned each week to get an inside look at legislation in Kentucky and the personalities that make it happen.

Joe Bowen


Welcome to “ Inside the Circus”; I’m Joe Bowen and along with my co-host Jim Decesare we are dedicated to giving you an inside view of your STATE GOVERNMENT. National politics won’t be out of bounds for us but our primary focus is Frankfort and the proceedings at 700 Capital Avenue. Our mission is to inform, educate, expose hypocrisy and if we can entertain you along the way so much the better.

We will be podcasting weekly about topics we think are timely, important and have an impact on your daily lives. Jim and I lean right but we will call a spade a spade, no party gets a pass. Party labels in Frankfort are often only a label of convenience. There is meaningful public policy issues that are debated and voted on and there is meaningless, feel good only, public policy matters that flow through process as well. We will expose both. The intent of our critique of legislation and legislators is to be fair and thorough but will be our own assessments and opinions. We welcome your input and views and offer you the opportunity to respond via our website.

Transparency in government is tantamount to preserving our democracy and the fundamentals on which our country and state were founded. We want to help facilitate this critical ingredient.

Hope you will listen in.

Jessica Casebolt


Jessica Casebolt is an Eastern Kentucky University graduate in Economics and International Relations. A Pikeville native and Former Miss Kentucky, Jessica has spoken in schools across the state and at numerous professional and community events as an ambassador for the American Heart Association, The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and The Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Kentucky Proud Program. She has been honored as a Top 12 finalist at the Miss America Competition, 3rd place ranking in the Miss America: America’s Choice Vote, Kentucky Department of Agriculture Honorary Commissioner, and Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Jr. Williamson Memorial Ambassador of the Year Award winner. She currently works as the Community Engagement Leader at Thrivent Financial in Owensboro, KY.